To continue the theme of diagnosis, I am going to talk about some of the more personal stuff, personal to me and personal to people that gets ignored from time to time. Personality disorders, as I mentioned in the last post are even contested as not existing by some theorists. The presentation of many of them is actually being badly behaved. This is pretty silly when you think about it. I like being badly behaved. I tell dirty jokes, I laugh at other people’s misfortune (within reason) and I swear like a navvy. When the government cut stuff, I get all shouty and kick off and I refuse to carry out orders from people who I don’t want to. So, at what point does that become a personality disorder?

It is actually not very clear. I have a diagnosis of emotionally unstable personality disorder, which if you believe the books means I have trouble regulating my emotions. That alone is a pretty strange thing to suggest of a person. It came about when I used to blow up and lose my temper. However, they are willing to consider that this might be caused by the various things I have been through in my life. I am not saying this for sympathy, I am just not that guy and wouldn’t appreciate it if I got it. I am saying it to explain something.

They are willing to accept that my condition might have been caused by life events that sucked but nevertheless it has stayed being described as a ‘condition’, a medical condition. What does that mean? It’s basically a condition that means that there is something that is physically wrong with me. This argument takes on many aspects but one way of looking at it, is that basically because I lose my temper rapidly and don’t hide it or control it like other people, I am physically ill. There are things in that that I just don’t like.

I don’t particularly agree with Szasz on everything. I think he actually makes some leaps that are even less likely than the things he is opposing but one thing that occurs in a lot of his writing, is that what is often described as being ill, is being human. There are record numbers of people being diagnosed with depression. What a massive surprise! Mervyn King says we are in the biggest financial slump since The Great Depression. There are 2 million unemployed young people. There are people losing their homes, their pensions, their jobs and yet there is genuine surprise that a lot of people are depressed. It can’t just be me that thinks this is just about the stupidest thing ever?

I often think it the same thing with my condition. I am cursed with being fairly smart and am certainly smart enough to realise the pain in the world at the minute. I am also smart enough to realise that to stop that, I am going to have to unit with everyone else and fight to change it as getting sad about it isn’t going to change a thing. I realise the futility in trying to explain to the ruling class how evil their actions are generally and that makes me angry. I then lose my temper at the slightest thing because I spend most of my day bloody furious about every headline. The thing that gets me and I will end this rather self indulgent post with this though, who wouldn’t be bloody furious in this world? Seriously?