The intention of this and the following entries are to challenge my own school of psychology and apply it to everyday life or apply everyday life to psychological phenomena and attempted explanations. Some of it will be banal and hopefully made interesting in its explanation and some of will hopefully question the nature of living in these times.

I am a psychology student, a Marxist and have interests in philosophy, most importantly, in changing the philosophy of my own school by exposing and investigating areas within it which are otherwise restricting its progress. There is growing evidence that schools like psychology are not developing anywhere close to the speed they should be due to the restrictions of capitalism and governance of academia, which is, in my opinion purposefully limiting what is discovered about human behaviour to further validate or limit the invalidation of an outdated mode of rule.

All of that will hopefully become apparent but considering all of that, I realise a need to explain some things in ways that are not immediately accessible generally. If I can ask a question in a way, that it is not being asked or start some conversations around areas that are not being covered, then I will have done something worthwhile. One of the main purposes I have given myself in the coming years and throughout my masters and PhD, is to propose a Marxist model of consciousness, with correlates in cognitive neuroscience, finding evidence in discussion and collaboration along the way.

All that being said, the nature of a consciousness with a dialectic, will mean that all that changes in the not too distant future and I will forget which opposites interpenetrated along the way (little Marx joke for ya). I welcome any questions or discussion regarding this, in fact I instant upon it. I am going into new ground with much of this and will seek to defy some conventions that will be in the least, contentious and at most, seem outrageous but that is part of the fun. The first few entries are going to be fairly heavily psychologically based and will hopefully be translated into everyday occurrences and I think the first entry, will be on a systemic refusal to address racism due to the expense it would cause. Simple explanation that it is wrong has not worked and neither have any of the other interventions tried by some truly great theorists and practitioners along the history of ablative behaviour and I think the answers are there but not popular. As we enter into a time of Popperian revolution as well as political, it is necessary to get it right this time as we cannot afford as a race, to continue allowing divide and rule to reinforce racism.